Happy Mother’s Day to a special band of Moms: Special needs moms.

I know every mother is special in their own way and we celebrate them all today whether they are still here with us or they have been promoted to being our guardian angels. As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I just want to shine a light on my fellow special needs moms. It takes only those who are on this journey of mothering and taking care of our special and miracle gifts, our bundles of joy to understand how strong these women are.

For being the voice of our non-verbal kids, for spending time learning sign language, learning to decode every body movement, gesture and any form of communication so that we are able to understand them and be able to give them exactly what they have asked for. We make it look so easy but truth is it isn’t, yet still in the middle of the chaos, the frustrations and the meltdowns while trying to decipher the message you remain calm and patient. We don’t give up until we finally figure out what our child wants. For all tfforts I just want to say I appreciate you my friend.

For having to learn all the medical stuff so that we can be so that we can be the best nurse for our child. For learning everything that there is to know about our child’s diagnosis so that we can be the best carer, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, teacher, friend and parent to our little ones. Just know the kids are grateful and really appreciate it.

For all the nights we spend sitting up in bed comforting our child, all the other nights we spend lying wide awake in bed thinking and worrying about what the future holds for our little ones, how rough and cruel the outside world is and may never be ready to accept our precious kids or may try to take advantage of their kind, loving and innocent souls. Being up all night wondering if there is a way to stop the aging process so our kids stay young so that we can protect them and take care of them forever. And the scariest thought of all, always at the back of our minds no matter how happy we are “What will happen to my child when I am no longer here to take care of him the best way, I know he should be taken care?” No amount of preparedness, plans or even life insurance money can block this thought. Just know I understand you and I pray for you.

For all the girls date nights, lunches, get-togethers and even sometimes our career advancements we miss out on because we can’t find the strength to leave our babies. For always feeling guilty whenever we get a chance to do something or spoil ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we know we deserve to take care of ourselves too, we just don’t feel like it’s ok to go about enjoying life to the fullest while our kids are not. Hey, I see you, please take a break sometimes.

For being able to go back outside the house acting unfazed even if other people stare, whisper, and say hurtful words about our kids and about us. For dealing with bullying and verbal abuse not only experienced by our kids but also the abuse we experience from other parents and ignorant people. Still we get up, put on a straight face and smile at them no matter how much it hurts on the inside, just being strong for our kids. I feel for you mama and I am sorry because l know no one has ever apologised for that.

This is our daily life, our daily struggles which we are honoured to experience. We are a rare kind of breed, the chosen ones that God saw fit to be his helpers, the protectors of these precious gifts that he gave us. We wouldn’t trade our babies for anything in this world. They are our life, our being, our everything, our beautiful mess, our life’s purpose.

Happy Mothers day mama. You are special. Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing great mama. Don’t forget to give yourself a break and don’t forget to celebrate each day, for we get a chance to go on a new adventure in the lives of our little ones. Keep shining. Keep counting those wins. I love you, I see you, I hear you, I appreciate you and I pray for you.

Yours an autism mom


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