Accessorizing the pear shaped body

Let’s start by clearly describing the pear body so that we don’t have any confusion. The pear shaped body has a wider waist than the bust. It is characterized by fuller and narrower shoulders. Like the hips, the butt area is also fuller. This body type resembles a curvy woman.

If you were gifted with the pear body shape know that you were born to wear statement or chunky layered necklaces with lots of details like beads and metal stones. Pick especially those that hit above the bust.

No other body shape can rock a wide brimmed hat like a pear shaped lady. 

Wear bold earrings. Choose bold dangling earrings that become the center of attraction. However one important thing to note is to not wear both statement necklaces and earrings at the same time. 

With that bit said check out some of the celebrities who represent the pear body type.

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