Tips to keep your office stress free

Sometimes stress may not be coming from your actual job. Your work area has a huge impact on your stress levels and general well-being. Creating a stress free office doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank to achieve it. The following tips can help you out at no or little cost.

Add personal touches

Having inspiring artwork, decorative accessories like a desk lamp and photographs of people you love or you hold so dear, can make your work area or office space less stressful.

Keep your work space clean and organised

It is difficult to focus when your desk is filled with junk. A messy desk or work area can make actually doing your work very challenging, hence try to keep your desk tidy and organized. Just remember that mess equals stress.

Learn to handle interruptions

Make an effort to learn how to handle a noisy work place or office. Maybe your cubicle is near a photocopying machine or your colleagues keep interrupting you for a chat, try to ignore these distractions.

Try some relaxation techniques

Incorporating some relaxation techniques in your work day can help reduce work place stress. Listening to music while you work can help your mind relax. Just make sure you do not distract others while you at it. Take time to stretch be it your legs or legs or take a walk. It is not healthy to sit down in one place for long hours without any movement.


The wall color of your office can also contribute to stress. You might not have realized it but wall color, lighting and office furniture can cause office stress. If it is possible, try changing the wall color to neutral colors as they tend to be calming.


Even if you have a giant office, a big desk or just a cubicle, these tips can help reduce your work place stress levels and improve on your general well-being. A calm mind results in better productivity and enhanced creativity.

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